Fall Flower Expansion!

The prototypical fall has mums and pumpkins for decorations and thats still the case here at Ritters. HOWEVER, we truly believe that fall is the prettiest season of the year and we want to capitalize on that and bring you a larger flower line to help with fall decorating. Over the last few years we've added a few items to the fall line and this year is no different as we continue to work to expand the season. 

Some of the more common items like calibrachoa, pansies and petunias are going be offered for the first time this year - however with limited color availability. Additionally, with echinacea (aka. cone flowers) being a big hit in the Moberly area in the spring, we decided to add a special echinacea called Cheyenne Spirit. Images can be seen below, but it is a perfect flower to capture all of the fall colors.

We will continue to carry the Twisted and Intenz Celosia along with Rudbeckia that we added to our fall line last year. Additionally, year to year we tweak and expand our mum availability to make sure we have enough product for everyone and this year is no different with growing a season high 1,500 mums. After running out of mums last year, we hope to have a few more for those of you who like to plant a little later in the season.

Finally, for those who have been asking for broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower plants in the fall, we have decided to offer a limited amount of those. They will be ready in the 3rd or 4th week of August if all goes as planned. If thats something you're interested in, make sure you stay tuned for when they will become available as they will move quickly.

On top of all of the fall flowers, pumpkins, straw and other fall decorations (gourds, etc.) are also offered. For information related to when any of our fall items will become available stay tuned to our Facebook page located Here. We will post updates weekly to let you know what is currently ready and what is coming within the following weeks!

Feel free to contact us through our contact page Here or message us through our Facebook page if you have any questions pertaining to the fall product line or availability. Hope to see you this fall at our retail location on Morley in Moberly!

(Below are images of items and colors of the flowers that will be available in the coming weeks for the 2017 Fall Season! - Photos curtesy of Ball Horticulture)