Jumping 3 months...

Well, we thought there was a big change between January 22nd to February 24th... Jumping from February 24th to May 23rd was a massive spin in the other direction. We went from getting all of the greenhouses full in about 3 months to emptying all of the greenhouses in roughly 3-4 weeks. It has been absolutely amazing to see the response from all of you as we went from a non-existent spring to full force summer and sales. 

Our nursery location is now closed, as we only have 3 houses full and operational (way down from the 13 we started with...). So with that, make sure when you come to see us you visit our retail location on Morley Street. Click here for directions.

So where does that leave us??


See the following for our plant sale details:
6-pack flowers: $2.00, originally $3.19.
3-pack vegetables: $1.00, originally $1.59.
Hanging Baskets: $15.99, 2 for $30.00 or 3+ for $14.50 each, originally just $15.99 each.
12" and 14" Containers: Buy 1, Get 1! Originally $24.99 and $34.99 each.

**All while supplies last!**