Well on the Way

Almost half way through December now and a lot has happened since we closed on Halloween! Check out below to see what we've got going on right now!

Greenhouses Arise!

Due to the need for more growing space, we have added two greenhouse structures to the property this last month in preparation for next season. Our goal with these additions, yes - was to be able to grow more items but also to work on our quality control. With the additional space we will be able to give some of our big ticket items like baskets and planters much needed room to perform at their max capacity. 


1 Down, 12 to go!

All the while... we've been busy at work getting greenhouse #2 up and running. All of our green starts, ferns and grasses are started for next year with fern baskets even planted already. It's exciting times as we finish up with maintenance this next month and start filling the other 12 houses at the turn of the year. Stay tuned for more Growing News as we finish off 2017 and get set up for a great 2018 Season!