Jumping 3 months...

Well, we thought there was a big change between January 22nd to February 24th... Jumping from February 24th to May 23rd was a massive spin in the other direction. We went from getting all of the greenhouses full in about 3 months to emptying all of the greenhouses in roughly 3-4 weeks. It has been absolutely amazing to see the response from all of you as we went from a non-existent spring to full force summer and sales. 

Our nursery location is now closed, as we only have 3 houses full and operational (way down from the 13 we started with...). So with that, make sure when you come to see us you visit our retail location on Morley Street. Click here for directions.

So where does that leave us??


See the following for our plant sale details:
6-pack flowers: $2.00, originally $3.19.
3-pack vegetables: $1.00, originally $1.59.
Hanging Baskets: $15.99, 2 for $30.00 or 3+ for $14.50 each, originally just $15.99 each.
12" and 14" Containers: Buy 1, Get 1! Originally $24.99 and $34.99 each.

**All while supplies last!**

Boy Have Things Changed!

The greenhouses are coming along, to the point that some of the houses have hit capacity! Greenhouses #1, #4, and #6 are full and #11 and #13 are right behind them. A lot has happened in the last two weeks and I think pictures will speak louder than words for this one. Check out below:

 Greenhouse #11 - Week 6

Greenhouse #11 - Week 6

 Greenhouse #11 - Week 10

Greenhouse #11 - Week 10

 Greenhouse #3 - Week 6

Greenhouse #3 - Week 6

 Greenhouse #3 - Week 8

Greenhouse #3 - Week 8

And those are just two houses! All the baskets have been planted, geraniums are done, first round of tomatoes are planted, all the 4" and pack material get planted in the next two weeks, peppers get planted this coming week along with the second round of tomatoes and our 12" and 14" containers get planted in the next two weeks as well. We are busy here in Moberly, and we are excited for this coming spring as the greenhouses start to take shape and fill up.

 To check out the rest of the houses and their transformation over the last couple weeks visit our Greenhouse Views page. 

Heads Up Announcement:

As we start gearing up for the start of spring in just over a month, we are going to be putting out some informational videos about some of the new items we are going to be carrying this year! So be on the look out for those through our website or our Facebook page and if there are any questions that you have pertaining to those products specifically or any other products that we carry, you can email us at info@rittersllc.com.

Round One, Here we Go!

Here comes the first round of baskets! Geraniums are rocking and a rolling and osteospermum gets transplanted this week into 5" containers. (Oh, and if you were wondering about the ferns, they are moving right along too!)

2018 is going to be a great year! Stay tuned as we start ramping up for this spring!


New Year Update!

First off, we hope that everyone had a great holiday season! Here at Ritters, we took some needed down time to relax and hang out with family before things got rolling again. And well... that time is here!

The start of 2018 is here and we've got big things planned for this upcoming season. Greenhouse #2 is already at 100% capacity with more plants coming in within the next two weeks which means we are about to start warming up more houses! Most of the plants we have growing right now are ferns, green starts, vines, grasses, etc., items that take more time and heat to grow.

But this week we finally got some new plants as the new year rolled in. The first wave of geraniums arrived, along with fuchsia and osteospermum. With the geraniums, we will use this first batch to make up our first round of hanging baskets. The fuchsia plants are also used to make hanging baskets. The osteospermum are some of the earliest flowers we sell along with our pansies and violas. Getting them in early is key to being able to provide pretty and early color in flower beds and containers right as we start getting out of the winter months. 

Check out some of the stuff we have growing below, from green starts, ferns, osteospermum, geraniums and much more!


Now that we are getting into the new year, stay tuned for updates pertaining to some new products this year. Also watch out for some informational videos to see what happens behind the scenes here at Ritters! From the time we get plants in, to the time they leave our doors in the spring, a lot happens and we are excited to be able to share some of those things with you all as we move forward this season!

Well on the Way

Almost half way through December now and a lot has happened since we closed on Halloween! Check out below to see what we've got going on right now!

Greenhouses Arise!

Due to the need for more growing space, we have added two greenhouse structures to the property this last month in preparation for next season. Our goal with these additions, yes - was to be able to grow more items but also to work on our quality control. With the additional space we will be able to give some of our big ticket items like baskets and planters much needed room to perform at their max capacity. 


1 Down, 12 to go!

All the while... we've been busy at work getting greenhouse #2 up and running. All of our green starts, ferns and grasses are started for next year with fern baskets even planted already. It's exciting times as we finish up with maintenance this next month and start filling the other 12 houses at the turn of the year. Stay tuned for more Growing News as we finish off 2017 and get set up for a great 2018 Season!


Season Wrap-Up!

Check out a quick season wrap up video filmed early today from Tyler Ritter, one of our full-time staff members 

To stay tuned with more season updates and posts, make sure to like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/RittersLLC, and check back with us here on our Season Updates page.

It's Time To Decorate!

Labor Day is this weekend, which means Fall is right around the corner and it's time to decorate!!

From Celosia, Rudbeckia, Calibrachoa, Petunias, and Echinacea (Cone Flowers) we've got a wide variety of flowers available to help you get started with your fall decorating. Then of course don't forget the mums, the staple of fall decorating alongside bails of straw. 

PUMPKINS you might ask??? We've got them!!! Small, medium, large, white, you name it, we've probably got it! Additionally mini-pumpkins, gourds, and turks turbans are also available! 

See the below images for all the varieties of the listed items above and if you have any questions pertaining to any of the products or their availability visit our Contact page Here and give us a call or shoot us a message!


Fall Flower Expansion!

The prototypical fall has mums and pumpkins for decorations and thats still the case here at Ritters. HOWEVER, we truly believe that fall is the prettiest season of the year and we want to capitalize on that and bring you a larger flower line to help with fall decorating. Over the last few years we've added a few items to the fall line and this year is no different as we continue to work to expand the season. 

Some of the more common items like calibrachoa, pansies and petunias are going be offered for the first time this year - however with limited color availability. Additionally, with echinacea (aka. cone flowers) being a big hit in the Moberly area in the spring, we decided to add a special echinacea called Cheyenne Spirit. Images can be seen below, but it is a perfect flower to capture all of the fall colors.

We will continue to carry the Twisted and Intenz Celosia along with Rudbeckia that we added to our fall line last year. Additionally, year to year we tweak and expand our mum availability to make sure we have enough product for everyone and this year is no different with growing a season high 1,500 mums. After running out of mums last year, we hope to have a few more for those of you who like to plant a little later in the season.

Finally, for those who have been asking for broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower plants in the fall, we have decided to offer a limited amount of those. They will be ready in the 3rd or 4th week of August if all goes as planned. If thats something you're interested in, make sure you stay tuned for when they will become available as they will move quickly.

On top of all of the fall flowers, pumpkins, straw and other fall decorations (gourds, etc.) are also offered. For information related to when any of our fall items will become available stay tuned to our Facebook page located Here. We will post updates weekly to let you know what is currently ready and what is coming within the following weeks!

Feel free to contact us through our contact page Here or message us through our Facebook page if you have any questions pertaining to the fall product line or availability. Hope to see you this fall at our retail location on Morley in Moberly!

(Below are images of items and colors of the flowers that will be available in the coming weeks for the 2017 Fall Season! - Photos curtesy of Ball Horticulture)

Mums are planted!

We all know that the Mid-Missouri weather is going to be hot, humid, and just not fun to be in so here is some encouragement to get through the summer!

Mums have been planted for the Fall of 2017! It's one our favorite seasons and one of the prettiest of the year here in Missouri so make sure you stay tuned throughout the summer so you know what else we will be having and when it'll be ready! 

 Greenhouse #3 - 2017

Greenhouse #3 - 2017

 Greenhouse #5 - 2017

Greenhouse #5 - 2017

 Greenhouse #4 - 2017

Greenhouse #4 - 2017

Store Wide Sale!!!

Beginning Saturday June 3rd: All flower bed materials and vegetable plants are now Buy 1, get 1 FREE, while our Double Knockout Roses are now only $19.99, 2/$36.00 and 3+ are $15.00 each!


Continuing Sales from the past week are:

- Medium and Large Containers are: $20 and $30 respectably but ALSO included in the Buy 1, get 1 FREE deal!

- Hanging Baskets are: $14.99, 2/$28.00 and 3+ are $13.50 each!

Fresh Produce is also a staple at Ritters and it's no different now! From a new batch of watermelon, cantaloupe, and sweet corn, to Homegrown cucumbers, tomatoes and blueberries - we've got it here at Ritters. Visit us on Morley in Moberly!


**Sale Restrictions: Buy 1, get 1 Free sale is not applicable on Hanging Baskets, Roses, Sweet Potato Plants, Berry Plants or Perennials. Length of sale is subject to product availability and is at the discretion of store management.**

Mother's Day Baskets

Mother's Day is only two weeks away which means there isn't much time to get your mom the perfect gift. Lucky for you, we are here to help! Check us out in Moberly to select the perfect Mother's Day Hanging Basket for your mom this year. From petunias, calibrachoa, begonia, fuschia and many more, we are here to help make this coming Mother's Day holiday a special one for your mom. To see all of our available baskets, check us out online at www.rittersllc.com! 

April flowers are right around the corner!

April is just a week or so away, which means flower season is finally upon us! Annuals, perennials, vegetable plants, hanging baskets, you name it - we've got it coming! Check out below for the most recent pictures of our Nursery located in Moberly to see what we have up and coming for this 2017 season.  

Stay tuned to Facebook or our Season Updates blog to keep up with what we've got ready or coming in the next few weeks as we move into April.


We Remember

As the 2017 season ramps up with the opening of our stores today, we wanted to pause and remember two years ago. On March 15th, 2015, the Co-Founder of Ritters, (Dad) David Ritter, passed away. It is a great honor and privilege that we can continue the business that he and Mom started over 41 years ago; as they have truly planted their legacy for the Ritter generations to come. Thank you Dad, for spending your life making this the business it is today. As a husband, father, grandfather, friend and so much more, you are dearly missed and will always be remembered for being the rock and foundation of this family and business.


Spring Is Here!

Well, its not very often you can say it was 70 degrees at the end of February, let alone the low is barely going to hit freezing in the first weeks of March. Guess that just means spring is coming! Check out our promo video for what we've got coming in the 2017 season and stay tuned for our opening day announcement!

Winter Update!

So the weather forecast is looking pretty nasty, but we've got the heat running strong! (Thanks to Mike and the team at Wayne's!)

Close to 6,000 geraniums came in un-rooted the week after Christmas, and here we are just two weeks later, and they are ready to be transplanted into 1,800 baskets and 1,000 pots. Three greenhouses worth!! It may be cold still, but your Ritters plants and flowers are well on their way with spring right around the corner! More updates to come as more plants come in - think warm thoughts and stay safe this weekend!

geranium roots.jpg